Amusan Happy With Gold Medal, Shift Attention To World Championship


After winning a gold medal in the Diamond League on Sunday, Nigeria women’s 100m hurdle star Tobi Amusan has expressed her excitement about the feat but has shifted focus to the World Championships in Budapest.

The Nigeria International lived up to the hype on Sunday to clinch the gold in Diamond League and set a season-best record of 12.34s.

“It was not easy for me with injuries in my hamstring & my knee. But I trusted in my coach & my work. It’s all about the process.

“I just won this in a smooth style, I was just running. Honestly, I had no idea that I won when I crossed the finish line.”

“I take it one step after the next. I knew it was going to be a battle until the finish line. I am happy to compete against the best.

” I am just out here doing well, I would not say that I am the best. I came out there, I was not feeling too good.

” I would not say that I executed, but the second part of the race was really good. I am most definitely building up for the World Championships, extremely satisfied with my SB – one step at a time”, she said.