Morocco, 'Key Link' in Fighting Terrorism, Religious Extremism in Region – Italian Pundit


In a statement to MAP, in the wake of the arrests made these days by the Moroccan security services of extremists affiliated to Daesh, the specialist highlighted the Kingdom’s tireless efforts in the fight and prevention against radicalization and terrorism in Africa.

Baratto mentioned, in this sense, the opening in Rabat of the UNOCT Programme Office for Counter-Terrorism and Training in Africa, which is part of the vocation and commitment of Morocco, under the enlightened leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, to its home continent.

“Morocco is a model to follow,” Baratto said, noting that the Kingdom’s “multidimensional and integrated” strategy to combat radicalization is based on “clear” pillars and introduces “innovative” concepts, including the fight against radicalization in prisons and vocational training for prisoners who, once released, will be able to generate income and stabilize their economic situation, “often at the root of their radicalization.”

The author of the book “the challenge of Islam in Italy between European constraints and risks of radicalization”, published in 2011 and in which he highlights the uniqueness of the Moroccan model in fighting radicalization and promoting coexistence and interfaith dialogue, stressed the relevance of the restructuring of the religious field in Morocco and the role of the Mohammed VI Institute for the Training of Imams, Mourchidines and Mourchidates (religious preachers).

In order to preserve Morocco’s religious referential, based on moderation, openness and tolerance, and to protect the Kingdom against violent extremism, the Kingdom leads tirelessly, under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, continuous efforts to immunize the religious field against any drift, he noted.

According to him, this commitment includes reforming religious education programs, ensuring an openness to other disciplines and cultures, qualifying imams, enhancing women’s role and improving their representation in religious structures.

On the security front, the strategy put in place by Morocco for the prevention and fight against terrorism and religious extremism, with the aim of eradicating this scourge that threatens not only Morocco, but the entire region, is based on vigilance, monitoring and prevention of malicious acts, he said.


Morocco is a "key link in the fight against terrorism and religious extremism in the region," Italian pundit Marco Baratto said Friday.
18 March 2023