Moroccan, Israeli Engineers Ink MoU to Promote Cooperation, Exchange of Knowledge


The MoU was signed remotely by the Moroccan Engineers’ Movement President Hamid Khalifi, on the one hand, and the presidents of the Association of Israeli Engineers, Sacha Kuy, and the Board of Directors, Ihud Manipas, on the other hand.

It provides for increased cooperation between the two associations, especially with regard to the exchange of information, the improvement of knowledge, the organization of joint events and the establishment of programs for the exchange of expertise.

On this occasion, the President of the Moroccan Association of Engineers, Khalifi, stressed the importance of this cooperation for the development of engineering in Morocco and thanked the Association of Israeli Engineers for its commitment to this cooperation.

For his part, the President of the Association of Israeli Engineers stressed the importance of this historic step and expressed his optimism about the benefits that this cooperation will bring to the members of both associations and to the bilateral relations between Morocco and Israel.

The signing of this cooperation and partnership agreement at the headquarters of the Popular Movement is a historic step for Moroccan and Israeli engineers and opens the way to increased and beneficial cooperation for both countries in the field of engineering, he stressed.

It provides for mutual cooperation to promote relations, partnership and cooperation between the two associations and their members, especially in the fields of exchange of information, improvement of knowledge, organization of joint activities, exchange of experience programs, capacity building and cooperation.

A memorandum of understanding was signed Thursday between Israeli engineers and the Movement of Engineers in Morocco to promote cooperation and exchange of knowledge and information between the two parties.
17 March 2023