Arrests of Daesh-affiliated Extremists Show, Once Again, Effectiveness of Morocco's Counter-terrorism Strategy – U.S. Expert


“The recent arrests of Daesh-affiliated extremists in Morocco demonstrate two critical components of an effective counter-terrorism strategy: The first is vigilance because terrorism is a threat that is always lurking around the corner. The second is a multilayered approach to identify, prevent, and combat those threats”, Dark told MAP.

“The leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI is an indispensable part of this approach, especially for countering radicalization”, said Calvin Dark, Principal and Co-founder of the RC Communications research centre, based in Washington, adding that “Morocco’s initiatives tackling extremism serve as a roadmap for countries, cities, and communities all around the world where radicalization threatens safety, security, and development”.

“Morocco has demonstrated its vigilance and its comprehensive approach that fosters security and stability inside the Kingdom and throughout the region,” the US expert stressed.

The United States values allies like Morocco who are equally committed to fighting terrorism, he said, adding that “this strong counter-terrorism cooperation benefits both countries”.

In its latest Country Reports on Terrorism, the US State Department underlines that “the United States and Morocco have a long history of strong counterterrorism cooperation”.

“While the threats that the US and Morocco face have changed greatly, the two nations’ history of cooperation has remained constant”, Dark pointed out.

“Morocco’s multilayered approach is constantly evolving and modernizing to combat ever changing threats through financial investigation, intelligence analysis, forensics, and cybersecurity,” the US expert said.

The recent arrests of the perpetrators of the intentional homicide and mutilation of the body of a policeman in Casablanca, who are affiliated to Daech, show, once again, the effectiveness of Morocco's counter-terrorism strategy, underlined U.S. expert Calvin Dark.
17 March 2023