Matsanga’s take on what next after ICC warrant on Putin


It is not going to be easy. Not at all. Diplomatic circles in The Hague indicate a serious panic as Russia prepares to hit back at the International Criminal Court (ICC) that indicted President Vladimir Putin and top aide Maria Alekseyevna for Crimes Against Humanity for invading Ukraine.

Diplomats are working flat out to evert a serious of the backlash of a few compromised officials who have hit a member of the UNSC with arrest warrants.

It is understood that a panic mode has set in as Russia prepares to issue several warrants of arrest against all ICC officials who issued the warrants of arrest against its top leader – Putin.

Russia will most likely hit back starting with Chief Prosecutor of the ICC Karim Khan, QC, his Deputy Stuart, President of the court Piotr Hofmański and all Judges will be on the warrant list of Russia.

The warrants will affect all members of their families, who might be studying or who intend to travel to Russia, or to any Russian-friendly countries. Putin is not known to just sit and watch without taking action on anything directed at him or his country. he is lethal.

Just wait and see, there will be severe action which may include cutting off gas heating to Poland and oil supplies to such other countries.

I am one of those who told the world a long time ago that ICC is not a serious court. It is a diplomatic court that acts on interests, not Law. Now I can laugh loud.

I struggled with this fake animal called ICC from 2005 when Moreno Ocampo wanted to destroy my country. He issued the first warrants of arrest from ICC in Africa against one side of Uganda’s conflict.

Then came 2007-2008 in Kenya when he issued warrants against top officials-Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto, now President of the Republic of Kenya who succeded Kenyatta in the August 2022 elections.

Everybody was silent and watching while Ocampo was taking my brothers to life in jail at the ICC yet they were all innocent.

I struggled single-handedly again in Kenya exposing the fake cases against the Ocampo Six who had been falsely indicted.

All their cases collapsed and I was vindicated. I said it when no one wanted to condemn the court publicly for what it was and still is.

I struggled against Thomas Lubanga, Bemba cases of DR Congo, Ivory Coast, Libyan cases of Seif Gadaffi, and all other cases against our African brothers. It is on record.

My struggle for a better and fair Africa and the world continues.

But I always read my old Bible

Mathew 10:14

Source: capitalfm