Macron Urges Rwanda To ‘Halt Support’ For M23 Rebels


French President Emmanuel Macron has urged the Rwandan government to “halt its support” for the M23 rebels wreaking havoc in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

In a joint press conference with DR Congo’s President Felix Tshisekedi, who is on a visit to Paris, Mr Macron said: “Rwanda must halt its support for M23 and withdraw its forces from Congolese territory.”

The M23 first began operating in 2012 ostensibly to protect the Tutsi population in eastern DR Congo, which had long complained of persecution and discrimination.

The UN, EU and US have said that Rwanda, which is also led by Tutsis, is backing the M23.

The government in Kigali has repeatedly denied this.

Last March, when asked to condemn Rwanda’s reported support for the rebels, Mr Macron said he had been “very clear about the condemnation of the M23 and those who support it”.