Liberia Sacks 10 Senior Port Officials Over Corruption


Liberia’s National Port Authority (NPA) has sacked ten senior port officials after being accused of corruption.

Sekou Hussein Dukuly, managing director of NPA, said the individuals were involved in “financial improprieties”.

He said the individuals were found liable “after an internal investigation”.

Mr. Dukuly said the case has been sent to the police for prosecution.

However, some of the accused individuals are planning to take legal action against the NPA.

“I just received a dismissal letter from the management, but my lawyers have said I shouldn’t comment on the details and allegations” Pewu Flomoku, one of the accused, told the BBC.

The former port manager of Buchannan, Civicus Barsi-Giah termed the decision as political and said he didn’t receive an official termination letter.

Mr Barsi-Giah said he was not made aware of an internal investigation.

The NPA also reported seven seaport officers for allegedly conspiring to steal three 20-footed trucks of rice from the port facilities, last week.

NPA’s crackdown coincides with President Joseph Boakai’s announcement where he said he was setting up a task force to fight corruption in the country.