Wizkid, Davido Drags Each Other Online


The longstanding rivalry between Nigerian top artists Davido and Wizkid appears far from over. Seven years after supposedly settling their supremacy rift on stage at Wizkid’s concert, they are back at it again.

April 29, 2024, will be an unforgettable day in contemporary Nigerian music history as Davido and Wizkid engaged in a face-off online.

What started as Wizkid’s online interactive session with fans in the early hours quickly deteriorated into a controversial moment as he called Don Jazzy an influencer while also trolling Davido by posting the viral video where he was crying.

Davido would react later in the day when he posted “They don forget your gbedu” on his X account as a cheeky sub to Wizkid by claiming the street no longer resonates with his music.

Things quickly went downhill as Wizkid delivered a scathing reply where he referred to a Davido associate Perruzi as a pant washer while stating that Davido had nothing on him musically.

“U and all ur crew plus ur pant washer songwriter go to sleep at night thinking you actually got anything on me in music wish u all well,” the post reads.

Wizkid called Davido a delusional person to which Davido in return called him a sick man. In another moment that sent social media agog, Wizkid again replied to Davido with the viral video where he was recorded on his knees crying.

“That’s what I thought. Nothing to say! Exactly why I stopped wasting my clout and jeopardizing my millions of USD of endorsements on someone whose career was resurrected a few years ago just to die again. NEXT!!.” Davido posted in reply as the back and forth continued.

Wizkid would shade Davido by calling him an influencer with a songwriter as the diss reached new lows.

“I got nun to say to u, my boy! I can retire today and you are still not on my level. You be an influencer with a songwriter. Wish u well.”