My energy on stage has nothing to do with drugs – Epixode explains why be refrains from Smoking


Ghanaian artiste, Epixode has explained why he refrains from smoking or drinking alcohol.

The artist told Kwame Dadzie in an interview on Joy Prime that contrary to the perception that people in the showbiz circles are drug addicts and live debauched lifestyles, he is an exception.

According to him, he was brought up in a home which prohibited alcoholism, smoking or acts that could dent the image of the family.

When asked how he feels when he is in the midst of his colleague who are into such lifestyles, he said sometimes pretends to belong.

“Sometimes I fake it. Sometimes I dey backstage norrr somebody go come. ‘Chale you get lighter for there?’ Then I will say ‘Oh, the last one finish oo. Not to actually say that the people who do it are bad. From even a fan’s perspective, they idolise you. They look at you in certain ways. They look at you as somebody who they can see themselves in,” he said.

Epixode said he does that so they don’t feel condemned for their act.

He noted that his energy on stage has nothing to do with drugs like some may think.