It is wrong to attack celebs for endorsing politicians – Paul Play Dairo


Nigerian singer, Paul ‘Play’ Dairo, has said it is wrong to attack celebrities because they endorse politicians. He disclosed he sees nothing wrong with celebrities endorsing politicians.

On Wednesday, the ‘Mo So Rire’ crooner said any star who supports a politician does it for the sake of their livelihood.

“First of all, politics is a game of power tussle. So any celebrity endorsing an aspirant is doing that to sustain his livelihood.

“Whenever you’re questioning the integrity of celebrities, do not forget to question the integrity of the printer who got the job for the posters and souvenirs and programme booklet.

“Do not forget the Aso Ebi trader who travelled out of the country to prepare the special Ankara for the politician.

“What about the caterer and the drink seller who provided food for the campaign? The PA system company that provided the sound and stage nko? What about the person who rented out the venue?

“The hotels that accommodate the meetings and provide halls for the campaign? And finally what about the people who collect peanuts to fill the campaign ground every year? Are they not Nigerians?

“Trying to single out celebrities in this blame is unfair. Please add these other people to the list. At the end of the day, you will find out that we are all involved.”