Ghana’s Evangelist Refutes Rumours Of Gifts Given To Her By NPP Party


Evangelist Diana Asamoah has responded to rumours suggesting that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has presented her with a car and a house.

She said that such matters are “private” and should be treated as such.

Diana Asamoah argued that the results of one’s work are the fruits of their labour while urging others to focus and enjoy the fruits of their efforts.

“Why don’t you mind your constituency and eat from there while I also do the same in mine?” she asked to emphasize her point.

Quoting a Bible passage from Prophet Isaiah (65:21-24), she highlighted the principle that individuals should enjoy the results of their labour.

Reacting to the rumour, the Munumkum hitmaker questioned the contradiction of labeling the NPP as both wicked and helpful to Diana Asamoah.

She addressed those making such claims that if they believe the NPP is genuinely a party that helps people, they should consider joining it instead of criticizing.

In her view, if the party is beneficial, there should be no hesitation in joining to contribute to its progress.