FM Sameh Shoukry: Egypt Treated Over 85,000 Palestinians Since 7 October


Egypt’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry revealed on 11 June that the country has provided medical treatment to over 85,000 Palestinians since the conflict in Gaza began on 7 October 2023. The statement, which came during the Urgent Humanitarian Response for Gaza Conference, was reported in a ministerial Facebook post. Shoukry added that, since 7 October, Egypt has delivered more than 94,000 tons of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. The government also collaborated with several embassies to assist in evacuating over 74,000 foreign nationals and dual citizens. Egypt’s top diplomat also addressed the worsening conditions in Gaza, highlighting the targeting of civilians and infrastructure, attacks on UN facilities and staff, and restrictions on the use of Israeli land crossings. “[Due to the] additional restrictions imposed by the recent Israeli escalation in Rafah on the delivery and distribution of humanitarian aid…Egypt has been sending aid to civilians in the sector through the Kerem Shalom crossing [as a result],” the post reads. Egypt continues to play a pivotal role in ceasefire talks between Israel and Hamas, partnering with Qatar and the United States as mediators. United States Secretary of State…

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